1. issues 列表中选择未完成的文档,或者自己创建一个 issue 来说明要补充的文档

  2. 在 issue 中回复 "指给我",或者 "assign to me"

  3. Fork 该项目,完成文档,然后提交 PR


  1. 项目的成长离不开社区的支持,文档是社区发展的基石,将你的经验沉淀成文档传承给后来者,是一件多么令人愉快的工作。

  2. 开源世界,任何帮助都是贡献。

  3. 当然你也可以参与代码开发中来,chaosblade-io 组织下的项目总会有一个 issue 适合你。

  4. 社区会不定期的给贡献者发放周边纪念物以示感谢。

Doc [English Version]

Chinese version of the document:

How to contribute

  1. Select the unfinished document in the [issues] ( list, or create an issue to explain the document to be added

  2. Reply "issue to me" in issue, or "assign to me"

  3. Fork the project, complete the document, and submit the PR


  1. The growth of the project is inseparable from the support of the community. The document is the cornerstone of community development. It is a very pleasant job to deposit your experience into a document and pass it on to the latecomers.

  2. In the open source world, any help is a contribution.

  3. Of course, you can also participate in the code development. The project under the [chaosblade-io] ( organization will always have an issue for you.

4.The community will occasionally distribute surrounding memorials to contributors to thank them.

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